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A new government was elected on the 11th May, therefore references to government policy on this site may not reflect current government policy.


The resources here are to support you in teaching and including learners experiencing SEN and/or disabilities.

These items may be of interest: Models of Disability & Special Educational NeedsA Historical Overview of Disability and Special Educational Needs and a briefing on Differentiation

If you don't find what you want,  the associated sites and the the main TTRB may hold relevant materials.

The e-librarian is available to answer questions after you have searched the web and the TTRB, or email the SEN Portal team at

This is a report of a Research and Development project to develop practice based learning materials to support multi-agency working. A third...
The purpose of the Review was to investigate teacher supply issues relating to children with Severe Learning Difficulties and Profound and Multiple...
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