Raising the Attainment of Gypsy Traveller Pupils in Schools - C. Derrington (2005)

This report presents the findings from a national survey of current practice in ITE pedagogy and the identification of needs of Gypsy Traveller pupils, conducted in 2004.

The purpose of this research was to audit existing practice in relation to ITE pedagogy and identify needs of ITE providers, in order to inform the Multiverse project and develop appropriate support and resources to help address this key issue.

Findings include:

  • Just over half the respondents said that their student/trainee teachers did not have any specific training or guidance about the particular needs of Gypsy/Traveller pupils in school.
  • Of those that said they did, explanatory notes revealed that this input was sometimes little more than a passing reference during a lecture on Inclusion or Equality.
  • Around a third of all providers made use of their local LEA Traveller Education service.
  • Less than a quarter of the respondents said that the specific training or guidance on offer was a compulsory part of their ITE training programme.
  • Results indicate that some providers may lack the expertise/confidence to deliver specific training in-house.
  • 2 out of 5 providers said that their trainees had no access to specialist teaching resources or materials in the area of Traveller education.
  • Just over half the respondents said that they did not currently use published reports or research findings to highlight issues around under-achievement of Gypsy/Traveller pupils in school.

Chris Derrington
University of Northampton


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