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Education Line This source is a paper given at the British Educational research Association Conference in 2009, written up as a chapter as part of a larger study. The chapter focuses on the difficulties encountered by SENCOs, TAs and teachers in their work with children with SEN in London. In particular, the paper gives a clear voice to these professionals about the issues of paperwork, time, parents, behaviour...
# The Story Links Project is co-funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and TDA as part of the Research and Development Awards. The aim of the project was to evaluate the impact of the parent-partnership Story Links Programme that supports pupils at risk of exclusion who also have literacy difficulties and involves pupils, parents and teachers in the cooperative production of stories to address...
# This Teachers TV programme examines three research projects that focus on different aspects of movement and learning. These projects were funded by the TDA research awards. The first project at Canterbury Christ Church University looks into the importance of good posture and its impact on learning. It involves a partnership between teacher educators and occupational therapists. The second project...
# This resource is a video produced by Teachers TV which focuses on Teaching Independence in Special Schools. The video demonstrates this focus through a case study at Stephen Hawking School in London.
# The aim of this glossary item is to highlight the importance of speech, language and communication, give some background to SLCN and describe the role of the speech and language therapist in schools.
TDA Primary Undergraduate ITE SEN Materials This session is concerned with planning.
TDA Primary Undergraduate ITE SEN Materials This session presents an overview of cognition and learning needs.
TDA Primary Undergraduate ITE SEN Materials This session is concerned with Planning for pupils with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.
R&D Awards Mini The rationale for this project has been developed as a response to findings from a recent small scale qualitative evaluation entitled 'The Occupational Therapy Into Schools Project (OTIS)' carried out by a local Occupational Therapy Service (OT) and Faculty of Health, Canterbury Christ University.
R&D Awards It is a requirement of the new TDA Standards for QTS that trainees have an informed understanding of how to raise the achievement and promote the well being of pupils with SEN in classrooms and other educational settings. In order to do this, Trainees need to know how to communicate with, and effectively deploy, Teaching Assistants (TAs) and other adults they will meet in their professional work....
decision making and provision within the framework SEN code of practice mini Following on from the SEN Code of Practice of 1994 this national research and review was commissioned by the Department of Education and Employment and was undertaken by the University of Newcastle. The research provides a full overview of the scene in 1999 and 2000 so has primarily a historic relevance but it also sets a clear context for current SEN decision making and provision.