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Involving and communicating with parents, carers and families Number of resources (21)

The approach to teaching determined by the Birmingham syllabus aims to show how religion can shape the lives of individuals and societies.
An Agreed Syllabus comprising learning model, schemes of work, lesson plans and resources for teaching about religion in schools.
# Guidance on practical strategies and solutions teachers can deploy to promote equality in schools. Includes case studies.
Chapter exploring how Black pupils' experiences in the home, school and community influenced their academic progress and attainment.
Presentation describing the cultural change and strategies that a school has implemented to raise the achievement of their students particularly black boys.
Report on factors influencing BME parents' choice of secondary schools for their children.
Report providing information and guidance on the needs of Muslim pupils. Useful reference point for schools, governors and teachers.
# Video showing how a north London primary school's involvement of parents has a positive impact on the pupils' achievement.
Report on the high educational achievement of Black African pupils in Lambeth, based on 12 case study primary and secondary schools.
Chapter on what teachers, ITE tutors and parents/ carers can do to address the underachievement of black pupils.
Review of 2005 journal article with suggested activities for ITE providers.
Report on factors and conditions that lead to high attaining Black pupils based on research carried out in four case study schools (primary and secondary).
Session to develop student teachers' understanding of parental involvement with a particular, though not exclusive focus, on parents of Bangladeshi and Pakistani heritage.
Includes a look at the racism and problematisation that British-Chinese pupils encounter in spite of their generally high achievement.
Report addressing the attainment of Pakistani and Kashmiri heritage and describes factors that can enhance success. Includes ITE activities.
A session on the value of home learning as part of children's education with a focus on grandparents.
This book collects together significant research on the involvement of parents and carers in their children’s education.
This book explores the changing roles and relationships of parents, teachers and administrators and the consequences for children’s education.
A resource on Portuguese communities in the UK, includes background information and classroom materials.
Book which identifies the impact of social class, race and gender on mothers' involvement in their children's schooling.