PGCE Primary: Children Learning English as an Additional Language (7th Edition) - R. Sneddon (2009)

The task file is designed for use in an area of high or moderate linguistic diversity in which student teachers/trainees have access to bilingual learners and to school staff with responsibility for EAL. It includes the following tasks:

  • Profiling of existing knowledge
  • Observation of a learner
  • Interview with a teacher responsible for EAL
  • Finding out about teaching resources
  • Analysing the demands of a task and/or a text
  • Finding out about assessment used in school
  • Working with refugee children.

The appendices include a review of Cummins' theoretical framework, The QCA Extended Scale, Stages of English, a planning pro-forma and a detailed reading and website list.

The file has been used successfully for four years by students teachers and trainees practising in east London schools. For an introductory lecture and workshop session, see ITE Session on English as an additional language.

Raymonde Sneddon
University of East London