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Key reports, documents or papers produced by government departments or quangos. Number of resources (71)

# This document offers clear guidance on the planning and delivery of Religious Education to take account of new social imperatives and curriculum change.
# A summary of materials published by the National Strategies to support Ethnic Minority Achievement includes all current resources for working with pupils learning English as an additional language.
# Progress report on the Single Equality Scheme (SES) published in December 2007.
# Ofsted’s national report on the provision and standards in Religious Education.
# Guidance document relating to recording and reporting racist incidents in schools.
# The Children's Plan published in 2007 set out the work of the Department for Children, Schools and the Family for the next ten years. A review of progress is expected to be published in 2008.
# In response to a high level of pupil mobility and increased migration, the DCSF has produced guidance to support both primary and secondary schools in welcoming new arrivals and teaching them successfully.
Report evaluating the impact of the arrival of pupils from asylum seeker families.
Series of practical guides including coverage of the asylum process and the New Asylum Model.
Comprehensive overview of asylum law and process in the UK. Provides introduction to the topic and highlights the main perspectives on current debates.
# Document explaining how Ofsted will contribute to eliminating discrimination, fostering good race relations and promoting equality of opportunity in education.
Guidance to support senior school leaders in raising the achievement of Black pupils through self-evaluation and targeted action.
# Legacy document created by the Commission for Racial Equality before it became part of the Equality and Human Rights Commission in 2007.
# Guidance and practical solutions for local authorities and schools on the inclusion of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children and young people.
Ofsted report calling for community languages to be given higher status in England's schools to enable more pupils to learn them.
# Report of a study looking at associations between the outcomes of the admissions process and socioeconomic status.
# Guidance on how schools and Traveller Educations Support Services can work collaboratively to help raise the attianment of Traveller pupils.
Report of an evaluation of Sure Start which revealed that the programme has proved a 'very serious policy failure' and a 'substantial wasted opportunity for black and minority ethnic families.
Report outlining practical proposals for building integration and cohesion at a local level. Includes case studies illustrating examples of local good practice.
Information relating to the duty on all maintained schools in England to promote community cohesion and Ofsted to report on the contributions made in this area.