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Book reviews and chapters

Review of a book or chapters including suggestions on how it might be used in an ITE context. Number of resources (61)

Review of Richardson and Miles' (2008) book Racist Incidents and Bullying in Schools (Trentham Books)
Book review of Gillborn (2008) Racism and Education: Coincidence or Conspiracy? with suggestions for use within ITE.
Review of a book on how some children are identified as winners, and others as losers in education, and how this very early on in children's school careers.
Review of a book on gender in the early years which provides a highly detailed analysis of boys' educational achievement.
Review of book which provides an analysis and overview of multiagency work in early years and argues that change is necessary if the ambitious outcomes of ECM are to be realised.
Book exploring all aspects of racism and its impact on children. It aims to encourage a better understanding of current legislation, and how to plan using national and local policies.
Review of book on the work and experiences of teachers and organisations that support the education of Traveller children in mainstream schools.
Chapter in which heads of Traveller Education Support Services and teachers describe their work with Traveller children in schools.
Chapter exploring how Black pupils' experiences in the home, school and community influenced their academic progress and attainment.
Book on ancient and medieval Black history and website resources.
Self-assessment rating scale to support tutors and student teachers/trainees in monitoring and evaluating how they plan for different individual learning needs, multicultural education, gender equity and awareness.
Article on how global children's literature can promote an informed respect for many cultures and combating racism.
# Review of a chapter on how educational inequalities have persisted in Britain despite a rhetoric of equality and inclusion.
# New book examining the experiences of refugee children in British secondary schools.
# Campaign to address how schools are failing Black children.
Chapter on what teachers, ITE tutors and parents/ carers can do to address the underachievement of black pupils.
Review and outline of Chris Gaine's latest (2005) book together with suggestions for use by ITE providers.
Article on the persistence of racial inequalities in the school system 35 years after the unfair treatment of Black pupils was exposed by Bernard Coard.
Chapter analysing aspects of a white teacher's unconscious behaviour, and institutional practices that may have a negative impact on pupils.
A review of this book which describes British Muslim boys’ views and experiences and redresses the balance of sensationalised and negative representations of Muslim masculinity.