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Examples of case studies in ITE and schools which were commissioned for the Multiverse website. 

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# This guidance, published by the DCSF in 2009, is aimed at practitioners working across the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The guidance materials, which consist of a booklet and a DVD-ROM, encourage reflection on the quality of the provision made in EY settings for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) children and their families.
# This case study shows that trainee teachers and tutors understandings of ‘race', diversity and inclusion are crucial in order to provide a social justice and equalities agenda for teaching in schools.
This Powerpoint presentation focuses on how Chalvedon School is meeting the needs of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Children.
Project set up to meet the needs of pupils and their families, and to meet the responsibilities of the social cohesion and Every Child Matters agendas.
A PowerPoint presentation on how a Charity based in Slough called Aik Saath (Together As One) has been assisting schools to encourage community cohesion.
Presentation describing the cultural change and strategies that a school has implemented to raise the achievement of their students particularly black boys.
Paper and PowerPoint slides describing how to plan activities and organise the nursery environment whilst recognising and promoting children's Home Languages.
PowerPoint presentation about a project in a multicultural infants’ school that involved trainee teachers working with children and their Turkish mothers to produce materials to support the children’s learning.
National Refugee Integration Forum website guidance published by the Home Office, in partnership with the Department for Education.
Case study based on a module (PGCE primary), developed at the University of East London, which draws on a range of Multiverse resources.
A short description of the data that is available about individual schools: how it is collected, by whom, and how you can access information that will help you better understand diversity in a school and its locality.
A short discussion about the issues involved when individuals are asked to identify themselves by ethnicity.