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The website is organised into different Key Stages.  Key Stage 5 includes the 14-19 curriculum.

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# Multiverse has commissioned a series of ITE sessions on Refugees and Asylum seekers from Bill Bolloten and Tim Spafford, to enhance student teachers’ knowledge about key issues and to support effective practice in teaching refugee and asylum seeker children in primary and secondary schools.
Review of Richardson and Miles' (2008) book Racist Incidents and Bullying in Schools (Trentham Books)
PowerPoint slides with teacher's notes on developing student teachers/trainees' understanding of the needs of pupils at risk of exclusion - linked to the 'Reducing the Disciplinary Exclusion of Black Pupils Report'.
The site provides guidance and advice to teachers working with pupils new to English to support their successful integration into schools.
# Multiverse has compiled a collection of articles, representing a variety of points of view on multiculturalism.
# In response to a high level of pupil mobility and increased migration, the DCSF has produced guidance to support both primary and secondary schools in welcoming new arrivals and teaching them successfully.
Results of research conducted with three Welsh LEAs with considerable numbers of asylum seeker and refugee children.
# Report identifying different local authority approaches that underpin educational responses to the needs of asylum seekers and refugees
Report highlighting the complex set of issues which impact on school-aged asylum seekers and refugees' access to education more broadly.
Report analysing the relationship between migrant/refugee children and schools in the host countries.
Research examining patterns of achievement and underachievement among Congolese children in Camden.
Report evaluating the impact of the arrival of pupils from asylum seeker families.
# Report based on a research study carried out by The Children's Society in the West Midlands during 2007.
National overview of support for asylum seeker and refugee pupils. Includes case studies of local authorities with good strategies and interventions for supporting the children.
Report exploring the world of children seeking asylum in the UK and the legislation, practices, misconceptions and injustices surrounding the application of the law towards this group.
Research on refugee children and young people's experiences of gaining access to education, and what they thought would help them settle into school or college.
Analysis of the issues facing refugee and migrant children and the barriers that prevent them from getting access to the support to which they are entitled.
Nationwide citizen's review of the UK asylum system. Includes findings in two reports 'Fit For Purpose Yet?' and 'Saving Sanctuary'.
Overview and research guide to children and adolescents in conflict situations
Maritime histories of several port cities in the UK – London, Southampton, Bristol, Liverpool and Hartlepool.