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Early Years

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# June 2010 marks the third Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month. This annual event aims to celebrate the rich heritage, history and culture of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities.
# A study blames a lack of spending at pre-school level for educational disengagement in children under four
A resource list for early years workers on racial equality.
# This report provides an overview of recent research that explores the impact of deprivation on educational outcomes.
# This session aims to develop students' understanding of the importance of parental involvement for refugee children's achievement.
A national curriculum framework for RE endorsing an entitlement to learning for all pupils irrespective of social background, culture, race or religion.
# Documentation for student teachers relating to how to respond to racism.
# Document prepared by the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) which enjoins member European states to to provide guidance to their schools on respecting cultural difference and teaching about religion in a fair and balanced way.
An Agreed Syllabus comprising learning model, schemes of work, lesson plans and resources for teaching about religion in schools.
# Guidance document relating to recording and reporting racist incidents in schools.
A booklet of guidance for Early Years practitioners on how to support children learning English as an additional language and promote opportunities for them to express themselves and learn through their home language.
The Family Diversities Reading Resource is an annotated bibliography of over 100 children's picture books to support children from a wide range of families.
Guidance on strategies to improve parental involvement as well as case studies of effective practice. Also summary of key research on parental involvement as a key factor in pupil's attainment.
Review of a book on how some children are identified as winners, and others as losers in education, and how this very early on in children's school careers.
Review of a book on gender in the early years which provides a highly detailed analysis of boys' educational achievement.
Review of book which provides an analysis and overview of multiagency work in early years and argues that change is necessary if the ambitious outcomes of ECM are to be realised.
Book exploring all aspects of racism and its impact on children. It aims to encourage a better understanding of current legislation, and how to plan using national and local policies.
Unit of study providing an overview of the needs of young bilingual children aged 3 to 5 and how these can be met by monolingual and bilingual practitioners.
In this interview, Arthur Ivatts outlines some of the issues around race equality and the inclusion of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children in schools.
# Session notes to accompany Teachers TV videos. The videos and notes provide examples of teaching in the Early Years, in Primary and in Secondary schools.