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Art Curriculum development


I need guidance on finding out about how and when art began being taught in the british education sysytem, also in what age groups and where the influences were coming from. this is to assist with comapring the history of art to the current cross curricular system.


You may find more information from books on this subject and I have included some references that I found on the IOE library catalogue.  You may want to check whether your own library has these or similar titles, or whether they can order copies via interlibrary loan?  I searched the catalogue with subject terms art education and history of education.
You could also try searching online databases for relevant journal articles and I have highlighted a few that I found on the BEI that cover the development of art in the curriculum.  Again using terms such as those above along with educational history, curriculum development and so on may give more relevant results.

I hope this helps.

Institute of Education library catalogue(http://ioe.sirsidynix.net.uk/uhtbin/cgisirsi/ywYmUji2IM/SIRSI/293050014/60/502/X)

A history of art education : intellectual and social currents in teaching the visual arts.  Efland, Arthur D.  Publisher: Teachers College Press, Publication date: 1990. ISBN: 0807729787.

The history and philosophy of art education.  Macdonald, Stuart.  Publisher: University of London P, Publication date: 1970.
ISBN: 0340094206.

Histories of art and design education : collected essays.  Romans, Mervyn.  Publisher: Intellect, Publication date: 2005. ISBN: 184150131.

Histories of art and design education : Cole to Coldstream.  Thistlewood, David.  Publisher: Longman in association with the National Society for Education in Art and Design, Publication date: 1992. ISBN: 0582074207.

Artisan or artist? : a history of the teaching of art and crafts in English schools.  Sutton, Gordon.  Publisher: Pergamon Press, Publication date: 1967.

British Education Index

The legitimation of new subjects in mass schooling: 19th-century origins and 20th-century diffusion of art and physical education. Journal of Curriculum Studies, January 1992, vol. 24, no. 1, p. 43-60, ISSN: 0022-0272. Cha-Yun-Kyung, Kamens-David-H.

The arts as a generic area of the curriculum. Journal of Art and Design Education, 1992, vol. 11, no. 1, p. 9-25. Robinson-Ken.

Curriculum development in art education. Studies in Design Education and Craft, Autumn 1977, vol. 10, no. 1, p. 31-34. Tomkins-Alan.

Six myths of national curriculum reforms in art education. Journal of Art and Design Education, May 1995, vol. 14, no. 2, p. 139-151. Boughton-Doug.

The readiness of primary schools to teach the national curriculum in art and design. Journal of Art and Design Education, June 1994, vol. 13, no. 1, p. 9-19. Clement-Robert. 

ISI Web of Knowledge

Living in the past: Some revisionist thoughts on the Historiography of art and design education. Romans M.  INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ART & DESIGN EDUCATION.  Volume: 23, Issue: 3. Pages: 270-277.    Published: 2004   

Abstract: There is a 'dominant' history of art and design education in Britain. This has been established by five books published in the 1960s and 1970s. They are Quentin Bell's The Schools of Design (1963), Gordon Sutton's Artisan or Artist? (1967), Richard Carline's Draw They Must (1968), Stuart Macdonald's The History and Philosophy of Art Education (1970), and Clive Ashwin's Art Education: Documents and Policies 1768-1975 (1975). They all offer a substantially corroborative account of the history of art and design education based on their predecessor. This is particularly evident in their explanation of the origin of public art and design education in Britain in the early nineteenth century. After a gap of thirty years Stuart Macdonald's book is to be republished, The news is a cause for celebration but also for concern, in that its reappearance may well further entrench the dominance of the collective voice of these five books. In an attempt to keep historical research alive and kicking in the field of art and design education, this article challenges the explanation offered by these authors for the introduction of public art and design education in the 1830s.


School Art and Its Social Origins.  Arthur Efland.  Studies in Art Education, Vol. 24, No. 3 (1983), pp. 149-157.


art education, school art, primary, secondary

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