Secondary ITE Task File: Children Learning English as an Additional Language (7th Edition) - R. Sneddon (2009)

The task file is designed for use in an area of high or moderate linguistic diversity in which student teachers/trainees have access to bilingual learners and to school staff with responsibility for EAL. It includes the following tasks:

  • Profiling of existing knowledge
  • Observation of a learner
  • Interview with a teacher responsible for EAL
  • Finding out about teaching resources
  • Analysing the demands of a task and/or a text
  • Finding out about assessment used in school
  • Working with refugee children.

The appendices include a review of Cummins' theoretical framework, Stages of English, the extended scale from the QCA’s A Language in Common, a planning pro-forma and a detailed reading and website list. The file has been used successfully for three years by students teachers and trainees practising in east London schools.

Raymonde Sneddon
University of East London