The process for reviewing articles on the TTRB website

Every article published on the TTRB website goes through a rigorous authoring and academic review process before reaching publication status. The content team works hard to ensure that quality and relevance of information is maintained at all times.

The image below shows the review process in detail and highlights the following steps.

  1. An article or piece of content is identified for inclusion by a member of the authoring team.
  2. The article is authored, given appropriate tags and links and any multimedia content is developed.
  3. A draft version of the article is then sent for academic review by another member of the content team.
  4. If it meets the review standards it will get sent for final approval. If not, it will be returned to the original author for amendments to be made.
  5. At the final approval stage, the article will be proofread and all links and attachments checked.
  6. The item is then published to the TTRB website.



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