National Culture and Multiculturalism - B. Parekh (1997)

'National Culture and Multiculturalism' - Bhikhu Parekh (1997)
In K. Thompson (ed.)  Media and Cultural Regulation

Sage Publications/Open University. ISBN 0761954406

This is a chapter from the Open University course 'D318 Culture, media and identities' and forms part of the block that deals with the regulation of culture.

Parekh poses the question should the state allow diverse and contradictory  values to exist, or should it insist on unity? For example, should there be only one official language? The arguments form part of the constructionist versus essentialist debate over the nature of identity. Parekh also suggests a schema for the types of multiculturism that may exist within the state.


culture, identity, multiculturalism

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