Presentation: Valuing Diversity in Education - U. Maylor (2008)

This PowerPoint presentation on ‘Valuing Diversity in Education' has been adapted from a lecture given to BEd and PGCE students at London South Bank University in October 2007. It is relevant to both student teachers/trainees preparing to teach in mainly white and multiethnic schools/classrooms. The presentation draws on recent research on diversity and education and is an excellent resource for developing student teachers/trainees' understanding of key concepts and issues relating to ‘race', ethnicity, culture, ‘race' equality. The presentation is intended to stimulate thought and provoke discussion around issues that are sometimes considered uncomfortable and challenging particularly when student teachers/trainees are unfamiliar with such concepts and the ethnic/cultural backgrounds of their pupils.

The presentation includes a series of definitions around ethnicity, culture and ‘race'. These definitions are a useful starting point in beginning to unpick, understand and value diversity, pupils' diverse experiences and how ‘difference' is constructed (i.e. how some ethnic groups are constructed as ‘different'). It is important that teachers are able through their practice to positively recognise and acknowledge majority and minority ethnic pupils identities, cultures and wider backgrounds in school.

Delivering a culturally diverse and inclusive curriculum is important in order to challenge curricula representations of Britain as composed predominantly of white ethnic groups and resources (e.g. books) that refer to white experiences whilst ignoring valid experiences amongst minority ethnic communities.

Uvanney Maylor
London Metropolitan University