Exclusion from school


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Exclusion from school refers to the temporary or permanent removal of a pupil from school as a sanction for a disciplinary offence. Despite national guidance governing the use of exclusion (see link below) there continues to be some variation in how the sanction is applied in different schools. As exclusion from school is known to be associated with increased risks and poor future outcomes there has been a move towards using alternatives to exclusion wherever possible. Pupils belonging to particular social and ethnic groups are also known to be at greater risk of exclusion, making this an important issue for teaching that focuses on issues to do with diversity and equity. The tendency to focus on managing the behaviour of pupils considered to be at risk of exclusion from school can also lead to a reduced focus on attainment and contribute to underachievement.


Munn, P. and Lloyd, G. (2005) Exclusion and Excluded Pupils. British Educational Research Journal, 31, 2, pp. 205 - 221.

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