Worth the Trip - Outward Bound

Outward Bound

What the resource is:
This short video programme, part of the Teachers TV ‘Worth the Trip' series, follows a group of secondary children from Bradford at Ullswater Outward Bound Centre. A wide range of activities from rock climbing to raft building are shown. The main aims of the Outward Bound organisation, and consequently the centre, include providing a challenge for children outside their comfort zone.

The aims of the resource:
This video could be used by teachers when making decisions about whether or not an Outward Bound week visit fulfills their needs. It could also be used with children to show the range of activities at such a centre, or used as part of a parents' meeting.



Key findings or focus:
This resource illustrates the kind of approach to take when taking children on a residential visit. It discusses some of the possible issues that may happen on such trips and considers ways that these can be avoided by health and safety planning.


Outward Bound 2

The quality, authority and credibility of the resource:
This Resource has value in as far as it illustrates some of the issues that may occur when taking children on a residential visit. It is likely to have more value to Physical Education specialists, but does have some relevance to Geography and Science specialists.

The implications for ITE tutors/mentors:
This would be particularly useful for ITE tutors and mentors when introducing health and safety issues on such high risk excursions. It is obvious throughout the clip that health and safety are of paramount importance, despite the challenge and subsequent risk. Tutors could use it to discuss what precautions need to be in place when involved in such activities.

The relevance to ITE students:
Besides showing some of the range of activities and challenges available to children when using an Outward Bound Centre, this programme could be used to consider in what ways health and safety issues are met within the video sequence.


Reviewed by:
Greg Cracknell


school visits, health and safety

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