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About the service

The TTRB E-librarians are based at the Institute of Education's Library in London and specialise in helping teaching professionals, educators and students locate educational resources and information.  The librarians respond to questions submitted by TTRB users.  These questions may be related to a research brief, course assignment or general subject information. All questioners will receive an individual response and a number are published on the TTRB site so they can be read by other users.

You need to be a registered user of the TTRB site to ask the E-librarian a question.

Search tips

Before asking the E-librarian a question we recommend that you search the TTRB website as you will almost certainly find some relevant resources already published on the site - articles, news items or perhaps previous E-librarian responses.

You can search the website using your own chosen keywords or you can append/use a BEI (British Education Index) keyword. Simply type your keywords, (you can also select which area of the site you wish to search) and click on 'Search'.

Further search options include curriculum area, key stage, resource type and you can also limit your search by date.

For more useful search tips click on the 'More' box below.

If you are still unable to find any relevant information or need further assistance, click on the ‘Ask the E-librarian a question' box on the right of this page.

Before you ask...

Points to remember before asking an E-librarian question:

  • Search the TTRB site using your own keywords, BEI keyword or browse through relevant areas - see our Search Tips.
  • Use correct spelling and grammar.
  • Tell us if and where you have searched for resources.
  • Be as precise as possible - specify the relevant educational level, subject area or research question if you can.
  • Give us the correct email address so that we can reply.


Search E-librarian responses

The TTRB E-librarian service is no longer in operation.
However, if you look through previous E-librarian responses you will find help and advice about searching which you can apply to your own questions and find lots of useful material both in the TTRB itself and elsewhere. 
Have a look at the Useful Search Tips page for advice on searching the TTRB itself.
Many thanks to everyone who has submitted questions to the E-librarian, we hope that you have found the service useful.


Hi, I am Staring GTP (Graduate Teacher Programme) this September; Training in K3, year 3. I need to increase my subject knowledge for “English, Maths, and Science” Is there any good website that deal with just increasing subject knowledge for Trainees. Thank you.
I am currently undertaking a cultural analysis of my school using the onion model 'manifestations of culture at different depths' from Hofstede and Hofstede (2005). Is there any information avaliable on school culture, particularly using this approach or in general around school mission statements and how that effects the school ethos and day to day operating. This is for M-level work. I have...
Hi, I'm a new GTP student. For an assignment I would like articles on the new 'Conservative Liberal Democrat policy on the primary curriculum' and particularly their response to the Cambridge Primary Review. I have found some general press coverage and have the coalition agreement, but my seach using the above key words in quotation marks and haven't had any results published after the new...