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# Following a previous research review (Deakin Crick et al 2004) which took as its focus international evidence relating to the provision of citizenship in schools, this review is an in-depth synthesis of thirteen studies which address a range of types of citizenship education and learning processes. While explicitly aware of the complexities of the relationship between one subject and general...
# citizED is a project funded by the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) (Formerly the Teacher Training Agency (TTA). It is a collaborative project for providers of initial teacher education for citizenship in England that will build upon good work that is already taking place.
# An article from the Citizenship Initial Teacher Training Professional Resource Network (citizED) on how teacher education courses address issues related to citizenship subject knowledge.
CitizED Logo Mini This paper attempts to reflect some of the key issues in the debate about assessment in citizenship. It explores these issues against a background of the revised National Curriculum for citizenship and evolving thinking about the place, purpose and mode of assessment. The paper also sets these reflections against one of the new concepts from the revised National curriculum for citizenship, namely...
CitizED Logo Mini A selection of key texts recommended for teaching a Citizenship Education PGCE course. Suggestions for which books should be on the list and the comments have come from various Citizenship PGCE tutors.
citizED Logo Mini Members of the Citizenship course at Canterbury Christ Church University worked with the Invicta Grammar School in Maidstone on a focus day for the pupils on 'Britishness'. Their work, and the initial plan for the project, is presented in this pack.
CitizED Logo Mini The updated Citizenship programme of study (2008) encourages teachers to maximise curricula opportunities when they are teaching Citizenship Education. This table summarises these opportunities and suggests resources currently available and free to download on citizED which would help achieve this aim.
# A research report of a project which investigated the views of young members of BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) communities and highlighted subsequent implications for professional development.
CitizED Logo Mini This Lesson Plan on the citizED website teaches how to learn about the single European Market and to learn about the Euro.
CitizED Logo Mini This paper has the aim of contributing to the citizenship education subject community that is developing as Citizenship establishes its position in the English secondary school curriculum, where it has been a statutory subject since September 2002.
Citized Peter Brett offers reflections on ways forward for Citizenship in relation to issues of identity and diversity in the light of the Ajegbo Report and the recent report of the House of Commons education and skills select committee on Citizenship education.
# Briefing paper for trainee teachers focusing on the development of multicultural education within citizenship teaching and learning.
CitizED Logo Mini This briefing paper is aimed primarily at PGCE Citizenship tutors, and in particular focuses on the "professional attributes" standards for qualified teacher status. The paper has three sections. In the first, the generic "professional attributes" standards are introduced and are contextualised in relation to other frameworks of professional standards within which teachers work. In the second...
# The MACI project is an example of a cross-curricular citizenship project. It challenges students to work in groups and over thirteen weeks to use citizenship, music, art and ICT to produce a video about ‘A problem in the school or community that concerns them most’. This word document includes the pupils' work book as well as briefing notes for teachers.
CitizED Logo mini PGCE Assignment from the University of Bristol: a persuasive article for an educational journal that will convince teachers of the value and contribution of citizenship education.
CitizED Logo Mini This scheme of work, designed for KS4 Citizenship students over 6-8 lessons, aims to give the learners a good overview of the UK's place in the world.
CitizED Logo Mini A set of thinking skills posters on the citizED website, designed by a secondary teacher to be used by pupils to help extend their citizenship skills. The posters come with ideas for use, including lesson plans, schemes of work and examples of pupil work.
citizED logo mini The aim of this research on the citizED website was to explore the understandings of “active citizenship” held by secondary PGCE Citizenship student teachers in England. A questionnaire was employed to collect data from secondary PGCE Citizenship student teachers in England in the autumn and spring terms of 2006-2007.
Ofsted Mini This is a very brief summary of the proceedings of an Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) conference in March 2005.
A review of an article which explores the attitudes of postgraduate student teachers towards issues of race.