ITE Session: Teaching new arrivals - Bill Bolloten and Tim Spafford


This session is part of a series of six ITE sessions that can be delivered to increase students' knowledge about key issues and effective practice for teaching refugee and asylum seeker children and young people in primary and secondary schools. All the sessions help student teachers plan for the diverse needs of all pupils, support their educational achievement and promote race equality, well-being and community cohesion


This session will develop student teachers' understanding of ways to support ‘new arrivals'. Asylum seeker and refugee children and young people who arrive in school at different times of the year, especially those who are new to English, can find it challenging to settle in and achieve. Teachers may also experience a significant number of other new arrivals arriving in their classroom throughout the year. There is a growing body of effective school practice that supports the integration and achievement of new arrivals. How teachers and schools support the integration and achievement of new arrivals can have an impact on their achievement and may also be a focus for Ofsted inspections.


Bill Bolloten and Tim Spafford




Every Child Matters, English as an additional language, holistic approaches. integration, new arrivals, asylum seeker, refugee, supporting friendship, pupil mobility

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Bill Bolloten and Tim Spafford

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