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Procurement in Natural England

Natural England procures goods and services from a diverse range of suppliers. These suppliers play a critical role in supporting the delivery of outcomes for the natural environment.

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Sustainable procurement

Natural England has a Sustainable Procurement Policy pdf document which explains how we will integrate environmental and social considerations into our procurement policies and practices. Although the Sustainable Procurement policy is predominantly aimed at our internal customers, we have published this policy so that our suppliers can see how they can support the delivery of our corporate objectives.

Government Buying Standards: how to procure sustainably

Our Sustainable Procurement Policy is also supported by other specific policies that suppliers may need to be aware of:

  • Food and Catering – We want to ensure that the provision of food and drink is sustainable, minimising the environmental impact, whilst ensuring value for money and the promotion of healthy eating. We will want to know where the food and beverages are sourced and in the case of fish, shellfish and other marine and aquatic foods which are caught, harvested, and produced sustainability, avoiding those species which are currently over exploited.
    Sustainable Food and Catering policy position statement pdf document

  • Sustainable and Legal Timber - The UK government timber policy requires government departments in England, including non-departmental public bodies, to procure wood and wood derived products from legal and sustainable sources. The policy is mandatory. As a conservation organisation, Natural England welcomes the government commitment to buying only legal and sustainable timber.
    Sustainable Timber Procurement Policy pdf document
    The Central Point of Expertise for Timber procurement (CPET)

The Procurement Team

The Procurement Team provide the link between Natural England’s suppliers and our internal customers.

Our commercial relationships are managed by a National Procurement Team, supported by a network Local Buyers. The National Procurement Team is responsible for high value and organisationally strategic contracts. Local Buyers deal with lower value contracts and provide day to day support for internal customers.

If you wish to be considered for future contract opportunities please contact us by email at, specifying the nature of services provided and whether you wish to be considered for national and/or regional contracts. Any general enquiries should be directed to the email address,

Suppliers wishing to view what current opportunities there are to tender or apply for selection for work with Natural England should use the following link: . This link is free and enables you to register for information of interest to you.

Standard Terms and Conditions

Natural England has standardised the terms and conditions under which we let contracts. These are listed below:

Prompt Payment of Suppliers

Natural England aims to reduce invoice payment times to 10 working days. For more information, visit the prompt payment of suppliers page.

Free public procurement course for businesses

The on-line procurement course "Winning the Contract" is a free resource to help businesses learn about public procurement and how to bid for pulic sector contracts. The course can be accessed at learndirect.

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