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Mentoring and Coaching

This section deals with Mentoring which may be defined as the professional advice and support given by experienced members of staff to student or trainee teachers on a placement. Coaching is concerned with the explicit guidance given by a more experienced teacher to a less experienced teacher.

See the National Strategies on Mentoring and Coaching for their perspective.

 You can identify opportunities for development at the national CPD database (see entry in ttrb glossary) , including provision related to Mentoring and Coaching specifically

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# This chapter by Lesley-Anne Pearson is taken from "How to Achieve Your QTS" (Denby (ed) 2008) and is aimed at student or trainee teachers. It is explicitly linked to QTS Standards Q8 and Q9.
# This chapter is taken from "The Coaching Toolkit: A Practical Guide for Your School" (Allison & Harbour, 2009), published by Sage. It takes the form of an extended case study of coaching practice within a single secondary school, and considers the value of collaborative or 'co-coaching' (in this case, peer to peer coaching) with NQTs. It also considers the use of more general coaching...
# This chapter by Sue Callan from "Mentoring in the Early Years" (Robins (ed), 2006), published by Sage, outlines the role of the mentor in the specific context of early years settings. The chapter aims to identify a framework for mentoring in the context of current early years practice and policy, and to enable mentors in this context to reflect on the nature of their role.
# This literature review was commissioned by the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA). It presents a summary and analysis of existing research into ITT partnership published between 2004 and 2009.
# This resource is a summary of a paper presented at the British Educational Research Association (BERA) Annual Conference in September 2009. It outlines the findings of a small scale research project focussing on the developing research trajectories of six teacher educators and their mentors in two different higher education institutions, in order to identify effective mentoring practices and...
# This resource is a paper which reports on a research project carried out at the University of Auckland in New Zealand into the relationship between preservice (student) teachers and the school teachers who supervise their school practice. The paper was presented at the 2009 British Education Research Association Annual Conference at the University of Manchester in the UK.
# This is a TTRB glossary item that introduces the process of mentoring within Initial Teacher Education and Training.
# This Teachers TV video, recorded in three different educational settings, explores how Continuing Professional Development (CPD) leaders, school leaders and local authorities are using Teachers TV to support professional development programmes.
# This publication is about choosing and implementing effective interventions for children who have difficulty in learning how to read, write and spell.
# This paper describes a study carried out to examine the developing thinking and practice of a group of secondary Newly Qualified Teachers of mathematics and science during their first year in school, and the influence of their mentors upon them.
# This article, written in December 2007 by Provider Link Advisers (PLAs) for The Training and Development Agency (TDA), details a vision for future partnership work which meets the needs of schools and providers. The report evaluates the impact of TDA-funded work, including the National Partnership Project (NPP), Partnership Development Schools (PDS) programme and the Training Schools initiative....
# The first TEAN Annual Conference (formerly ESCalate ITE) will be held on Friday, 21st May 2010 at Glasgow Caledonian University. The title of the Conference is "The Importance of Education". TEAN is the Teacher Education Advancement Network and its aims for Teacher Education are: to enhance practice, to support and promote innovation and development, to contribute to and help build research...
# This resource is a study undertaken by The University of Sussex and the University of Manchester on behalf of the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF). It focuses on a quantitative and qualitative research study to consider how low attaining groups are established and monitored within schools and identifies good practice guidelines in supporting these students through effective...
# This is a Teachers TV video programme which focuses on school based CPD in a secondary school. It shows how a CPD specialist can support a range of secondary school staff to engage in a variety of CPD whilst maintaining a focus on school improvement.
# This paper, delivered at the Annual Conference of the Association of Teacher Education in Europe in August 2008, reports on research carried out by Sheffield Hallam University. It considers the weakness found by government inspectors in the subject knowledge of school based trainees in comparison with those taking the PGCE route. The paper brings together findings from data collected over a one...
Medical Conditions at School Policy Pack Logo The resource is a website to provide information to School and healthcare professionals who are working with pupils with medical conditions. The website is visually well laid out and engaging. It is easily navigable, having four major sections, a menu down the left hand side and a statement of purpose all contained within the front page.
# This PRE-Online article is an example of a project awarded a SCRE Practitioner Award in 2002, featured by NFER PRE, in which educational research has been used by a school to inform or develop their practice. The article provides the reader with a good example of a school engaging in research evidence in a constructive way in order to develop their own action research to improve mathematics...
# Following the results of an initial study into the impact of Initial Teacher Education (ITE) on schools, this follow up study focuses in more detail on the contribution of mentoring to the professional learning of teachers and the reciprocal learning and development benefits of working with trainee teachers. Findings from a qualitative interview study with people involved with ITE in a range of...
# Staff Development Activity around 'Race' Equality, Diversity and Community Cohesion
# This is the website of the London Providers Harmonisation and Development Group (LPHDG). It is a forum for all 27 London Initial Teacher Education providers to share and discuss issues, and, through collaboration, "offer a better service to schools, mentors, students and pupils".