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2. Theoretical background

Key arguments and their conceptual frameworks Number of resources (22)

Book review of Gillborn (2008) Racism and Education: Coincidence or Conspiracy? with suggestions for use within ITE.
Review of Tomlinson, S. (2008) Race and Education: Policy and Politics in Education with suggestions for use within ITE.
Presentation from a lecture delivered at London South Bank University. Useful for developing student teachers/trainees' understanding of key concepts and issues relating to ‘race', ethnicity, culture, ‘race' equality.
Research report providing a comprehensive discussion of Special Educational Needs and Ethnicity. It contains a review of academic literature that provides a useful background to the issues.
Comprehensive paper which gives a detailed overview of developments in the tackling of racism in Early Years services and settings.
Review of 2005 journal article with suggested activities for ITE providers.
Definition and explanation of Critical Race Theory
Definition and explanation of Critical Whiteness Studies
Review and outline of Chris Gaine's latest (2005) book together with suggestions for use by ITE providers.
Article on the persistence of racial inequalities in the school system 35 years after the unfair treatment of Black pupils was exposed by Bernard Coard.
The summary of an article dealing with concepts of 'race' and racism.
A review of an article which examines the geography of multicultural Britain, the types of racism which exist and how we might begin to change these.
A review of a book which aims to describe diversity without acceding to the idea that difference is a problem.
A review of one chapter in an introductory textbook on the study of education which outlines concepts of race and discusses the use of the terms 'race' and 'ethnic'.
A review of a book which rethinks what needs to be done in anti-racist education.
A review of one chapter from the Open University course 'D318 Culture, media and identities' which deals with the regulation of cultures.
A review of the education chapter in a report into the future of multi-ethnic Britain by the Runnymede Trust. A link to report extracts and recommendations is provided.
A review of a journal article in which Rattansi explores hybrid identities, such as black British and British Asian.
A review of an article which explores the attitudes of postgraduate student teachers towards issues of race.
Details of a peer-reviewed journal which contains articles pertinent to race, ethnicity and diversity.