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A selection of good quality video materials covering six religions and a range of religious topics.
Some examples: KS1 Muslim washing ritual before prayer, Artefacts in Jewish worship, Infant baptism, Jakata stories of Buddha's previous lives. KS2 The Sikh Guru Grant Sahib ceremony, Artwork on Buddhist views of existence and exercises in creating Buddhist artwork, Christian Orthodox worship, Morning worship at the synagogue. KS3 Muslim prayer ritual, A Christian an Atheist and a Muslim answering questions on faith and society, A virtual map of major religious sites. KS4 Faith members - a Christian, a Buddhist and a Sikh - responding to questions about belief and society, A virtual tour of a Hindu temple, A presentation on Sufism, the mystical tradition in Islam.

The materials have been prepared for teachers and trainees for use in the classroom but many of the videos will provide useful resources to augment trainee knowledge of the religions.


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