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# This resource includes the presentations from an event designed to promote an understanding of the benefits to young children of learning and using two or more languages and to provide advice on raising children multilingually.
# A summary of materials published by the National Strategies to support Ethnic Minority Achievement includes all current resources for working with pupils learning English as an additional language.
# The 2009/20010 (seventh) edition of this task file is designed to be used by student teachers/trainees to link their college based input on EAL with their experience in school.
This task file is designed to be used by student teachers and trainees in the secondary phase, to link their college based input on EAL with their experience in school.
PowerPoint slides with teacher's notes on developing student teachers/trainees' understanding of the needs of pupils at risk of exclusion - linked to the 'Reducing the Disciplinary Exclusion of Black Pupils Report'.
The site provides guidance and advice to teachers working with pupils new to English to support their successful integration into schools.
# Multiverse has compiled a collection of articles, representing a variety of points of view on multiculturalism.
# In response to a high level of pupil mobility and increased migration, the DCSF has produced guidance to support both primary and secondary schools in welcoming new arrivals and teaching them successfully.
Book exploring all aspects of racism and its impact on children. It aims to encourage a better understanding of current legislation, and how to plan using national and local policies.
Unit of study providing an overview of the needs of young bilingual children aged 3 to 5 and how these can be met by monolingual and bilingual practitioners.
Module for tutors to explore with trainees ways in which they can collaborate with adults in different roles in the classroom to support the learning of bilingual pupils.
Education authorities in England have set widely different targets for the attainment of pupils from ethnic groups.
Project supporting community languages teaching and learning. Provides information on accreditation, community language provision in local areas, research and events.
# Guidance on practical strategies and solutions teachers can deploy to promote equality in schools. Includes case studies.
# Document explaining how Ofsted will contribute to eliminating discrimination, fostering good race relations and promoting equality of opportunity in education.
Presentation from a lecture delivered at London South Bank University. Useful for developing student teachers/trainees' understanding of key concepts and issues relating to ‘race', ethnicity, culture, ‘race' equality.
Four-part series on gender, race and class and their impact on educational achievement.
Session materials to support student teacher/trainees in reflecting on the causes of ‘the social class attainment gap' as well as its implications for policy and practice.
# Report describing how mentors and teachers work with children and young people who have been permanently excluded from school.
Understanding attachment and how this can affect education with special reference to adopted children and young people and those looked after by local authorities.