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# Report claims that gender attitudes have not changed since the 196Os.
The Forced Migration Online Research Guide: Gender and Forced Migration provides a detailed overview of the impact of armed conflict on women.
Four-part series on gender, race and class and their impact on educational achievement.
Drawing on historical, personal and research evidence, this lecture looks at the myths behind the link between race and education.
This chapter explores the relationship between religious background and the attitudes of Asian women graduates towards education.
Research looking at how social class intersects with gender and ethnicity to impact on educational achievement in schools.
Book which identifies the impact of social class, race and gender on mothers' involvement in their children's schooling.
PowerPoint slides with teacher's notes on developing student teachers/trainees' understanding of the needs of pupils at risk of exclusion - linked to the 'Reducing the Disciplinary Exclusion of Black Pupils Report'.
A report looking at the effects of race, gender and class on educational attainment.
# Government claims progress as figures show 47% achieved grades A*-C for five subjects including English and maths.
Session on the labels ascribed to pupils in daily professional practice and the significance of these labels to pupil achievement.
A review of the findings of an 18 month study of the prejudiced attitudes and racist language of five and six year olds.
Self-assessment rating scale to support tutors and student teachers/trainees in monitoring and evaluating how they plan for different individual learning needs, multicultural education, gender equity and awareness.
Placing girls in single-sex schools makes no difference to their educational achievements.
Example of a first year undergraduate student's essay written for an assignment relating to diversity.
Article describing an activity for secondary pupils that addresses issues of ethnicity and gender in mathematics.
The findings of a project on the key issues that Bangladeshi young people in Newcastle identify as having an impact on their growing up in the city.
Review of a book on gender in the early years which provides a highly detailed analysis of boys' educational achievement.
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This book explores the context, processes and educational and social impact of exclusion from school. It presents evidence of the racialisation of exclusion with statistics showing a highly disproportionate number of black pupils excluded.