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Users can register with Multiverse by clicking here and completing the form provided. The information provided can be updated using the My Profile option from the top menu (this is only available when you are logged in).

Finding Resources

There are several ways of locating content in the Multiverse site. The main method is to browse for content by strand, theme and topic using the drop-down menu on the Home page or by clicking the links below:

In addition you can:

Multiverse also provides definitions of commonly used terms in the field of diversity and achievement, with commentaries that include development and usage of the term described. These can be found in the Glossary.

My Collection

Use My Collection to build collections of articles that are of interest to you. For example, you can create reading lists for courses or references for assignments. You can add articles to a collection by using the 'Add to My Collection' facility at the bottom of each article page. This facility is only available when you are logged in.


Mutiverse contains information on local and national events which can be viewed by selecting Events or In Your Region from the middle menu.


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