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  • How do I search for resources in Multiverse? Top

    Answer :
    1. Go to the Multiverse Search Page
    2. Enter your search term(s).
    3. Decide whether you would like to search for resources containing any of your search terms, all of your search terms, or for an exact phrase and check the relevant radio button. Searching for any of the terms will usually generate a longer list of results, while searching for all of the terms or an exact phrase will produce fewer results.
    4. Decide whether you wish to search for your terms in the title, content or author sections of the resource. You may select one, two, or all three of the check boxes.
    5. Click 'Search'.
  • How do I filter my results? Top

    Answer : You may filter your results by QTS standard, subject or key stage. To do this, select one option from the relevant drop-down box. Your list of results will then be filtered to show only those articles which are related to the selected area. You may select to apply one, two, or all of the filters, but may only select one option from each.
  • Why register as a user? Top

    Answer :

    Registration takes less than two minutes and provides you with a username and password to access your own user account.

    Registration offers the following benefits:

    • Resources specific to areas of interest selected by you.
    • Post message to the Forum
    • Create your own personal content profile
    • Receive newsletters and regular updates

    The Multiverse website is accessible without registering but to get the full benefits that the website offers we recommend that you do.

  • Can I change my profile? Top

    Answer : Yes. Go to ‘My Profile’ (top right-hand side). You can change your password and areas of interest, as well as you personal details.