Forced Migration Online Research Guide: Psychosocial Issues - C. Eyber (2002)



This guide provides an overview of mental health issues related to war, conflict and forced migration. While there is a large amount of literature on post-traumatic stress disorder on the internet, very few documents and resources that present a cultural or community-based approach to psychosocial issues are available. In order not to replicate the trauma bias that currently exists on the web, a number of articles, books, and papers that are not electronically available are reviewed in the guide.

Issues covered include:

  • The trauma debate
  • The concept of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Debates of resilience and vulnerability
  • Experiences of women in armed conflict
  • Experiences of children in armed conflict
  • Child development and child rights
  • Separation
  • Play
  • Approaches to intervention

Authors :

Carola Eyber

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