Helping Eagles to Soar - J. Rhamie (2007)

Book cover

Book cover

'Helping Eagles to Soar' - Jasmine Rhamie

Chapter in J. Rhamie (2007) Eagles Who Soar.
Published by Trentham Books

Eagles who Soar shifts the focus of research from underachieving Black pupils to those who are academically successful. Rhamie argues that 'forty years of research and public focus on underachievement has served to feed the stereotype of Black pupils as underachievers'.

This chapter from the book outlines the factors which support Black pupils' academic success by exploring their experiences in the home, school and community and how these influenced their academic progress and attainment. Rhamie concludes:

'... government, local authorities and schools which are ultimately responsible for education need to recognise that once ethnic minority pupils are given true equality of opportunity to achieve within the education system, academic standards will be raised for all pupils.'(Page 126)

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Jasmine Rhamie, University of Southampton

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Trentham Books

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