Anti Racism: an attainment target for primary RE - S. Elton-Chalcraft (2005)

REToday, Spring 2005, pp28-29

The article has been reproduced with kind permission from REToday (click on attachment below to view full article).

Taking two areas from Every Child Matters ('Staying Safe' and 'Make a positive contribution') the author argues that anti-racism should feature in the teacher’s mindset as lessons are planned and taught. The article provides an opportunity for reviewing and challenging teacher or student teacher/trainee mindset and offers practical advice and strategies for anti-racist teaching in the primary classroom.

Dealing with prejudice is seen here as an aspect of 'Staying Safe'. Following the description of a lesson on Sikhism using Persona Dolls, the author illustrates how appropriate elements of an anti-racist mindset shape the content and process of the teaching. Further guidance is given on working in an all white school.

In the second example, Talking about my culture is a way to 'Make a positive contribution'. Using a series of extracts of pupils talking about themselves and their culture, the teacher’s mindset is again explored by considering possible responses. Follow up activities are suggested and a booklist and helpful websites are attached.

John Hammond
St Martin's College, Lancaster