ITE Session: Using Persona Dolls in Religious Education: Lecture Notes

Combating Racism - Babette Brown (2001)

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These sessions show how to use Persona Dolls to address anti-racism particularly within the Religious Education curriculum.  Four sessions are modelled by the tutor who role-plays a teacher and the student teachers/trainees play the role of pupils in a Year 2/3 class. The notes can be used in conjunction with a review, plus extracts, of Babette Brown's (2001) book Combating Discrimination: Persona Dolls in Action.

The four sessions can be adapted by student teachers and trainees and used as a basis for lesson plans for KS1 or KS2 classes.

Sally Elton-Chalcraft
St. Martin's College, Lancaster




Persona dolls, religious education, lecture notes, Sikhism

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