Supporting Asylum Seeker and Refugee Children - S. Kendall, K. Martin and C. Gulliver, NfER (2007)

This report relays the findings from one of two complementary studies funded by the Centre for British Teachers (CfBT) Education Trust, focusing on educational support for asylum seeker and refugee children. The research was conducted between April 2005 and May 2006 and was divided into two phases.

The first phase focused on providing an audit of the range of support by local authorities (LAs) for asylum seeker and refugee pupils and their families in England via a questionnaire survey to all LAs. The second phase focused on case study work in six LAs. The case study LAs were selected from questionnaire respondents. Using information gathered during the questionnaire survey, the LAs selected had a range of good practice examples of strategies and interventions for supporting asylum seeker and refugee children and included LAs that have had a long history of supporting such pupils, as well as those whose experience was relatively recent.

The report draws on the data from both phases of the research. It provides a national overview of support for asylum seeker and refugee pupils (the questionnaire data), an exploration of LAs' approaches to supporting asylum seeker and refugee pupils, details of the support provided and the impact of such support, the training provided by LA staff, multi-agency support and the role of other agencies in providing support, the contributions made by asylum seeker and refugee pupils to the schools they attend, and the challenges identified in supporting asylum seeker and refugee pupils. It concludes by exploring key factors in providing effective support and suggested areas for future development.

Bill Bolloten and Tim Spafford

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3. Contemporary debates, 4. LEA strategies


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Sally Kendall, Kerry Martin and Caroline Gulliver, NfER

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