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Sosu, Dr Edward

Dr Edward Sosu is a Research Fellow - STNE (Scottish Teachers for a New Era) in the School of Education at the University of Aberdeen. His areas of specialism are Quantative methods, teacher education and general psychological perspectives of education.

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# This journal article explores the meaning of the term ‘student engagement’ in learning. The article draws attention to disagreements about what counts as student engagement and contends that it means different things to different people. It highlights the fact that certain conceptions of engagement (for example, students physically participating in class activities) may not be educationally...
# This resource is a research study into how schools engage with change. The study explores the nature of change management and factors which promote or hinder effective change management within the school sector from the perspective of teachers, teaching assistants and school leadership teams. It also compares the school sector with the health, local government and police sector with regards to...