Diversity and Teacher Education: Research into Training Provision in England - J.Davies & G. Crozier (2006)

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The Multiverse IPRN commissioned research into ITE and diversity which was carried out by the University of Sunderland between March and November, 2005.

The research had the following aims:

  • To establish an overview of the nature of provision relating to diversity with a specific focus on the six  Multiverse strands: ‘Race’ and Ethnicity, Social Class, Religious Diversity, Bilingual and Multilingual Learners, Refugee and Asylum Seekers, and Travellers and Roma
  • To gain an understanding of views on teaching ITE students about diversity
  • To identify any constraints and issues which might influence provision relating to diversity and ITE
  • To identify the practice and student  opportunities to learn about these issues in different types of institution including SCITTS, pre and post 1992 Universities, and rural and urban
  • To discern the current reception and views on the impact of Multiverse, by ITE staff and students
  • To identify appropriate practice which providers may be encouraged to develop for inclusion on the Multiverse website.

The project was carried out in three phases: questionnaire, telephone interviews, and four ITE providers were visited for more in-depth exploration. Their practices relating to diversity were written up as four vignettes.

A summary of the research (including the vignettes) as well as a full copy of the research report are provided at the links below. In addition, a suggestion about how the vignettes might be used by ITE providers as part of continuing professional development in this area is provided.

Jane Davies
University of Sunderland

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