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Welcome to the new-look e-newsletter for Behaviour and Attendance.

Firstly, congratulations to schools and local authorities (LAs) in exceeding the Public Service Agreement (PSA) target to increase overall attendance. Significant gains have been made in secondary schools, where the lowest ever number of schools have been rated as having inadequate behaviour. Targets were exceeded in our CPD offer, with over 4,500 participants involved in the National Programme for Specialist Leaders in Behaviour and Attendance (NPSLBA).

Programme priorities for 2009-10 will build on successful interventions. This will include working with LAs and schools in reducing persistent absence. Focusing on disproportionality, that is, pupils with special educational needs (SEN), the aim is to achieve the Children's Plan goal of no LA with more than five per cent of secondary persistent absentees by 2011.


Securing good behaviour will continue to be a priority by strengthening school support systems, the quality of alternative provision and reducing the need for exclusions. School partnerships, following the Steer Report recommendations (April 2009), will help support improvements in behaviour and attendance, extending links with primary schools, further education, extended schools and lead officers from safer school partnerships.

Regional advisers will continue to support and challenge LAs and schools in meeting these priorities, through building capacity, sharing effective practice and promoting the successful Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) programme. They will focus on strategies to help reduce bullying, promote parental responsibility and offer professional development through the NPSLBA.

Marilyn Toft, Programme Director, Behaviour and Attendance



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