The New Primary Curriculum live on the QCDA website

National Curriculum image

The new Primary Curriculum went live on the QCDA website on 31st January 2010. This is the next stage towards full implementation of the revised Primary Curriculum in 2011. The site contains the new framework, plus guidance and case studies to support schools' planning.


In addition to information on the components of the framework, the site includes a video tour of the website itself, plus an interactive guide to the new curriculum, and seven video case studies focusing on different aspects of curriculum provision. The curriculum design tools include the opportunity to compare up to three areas of learning, in terms of different aspects, such as key skills, curriculum progression and cross-curricular activities.


In a news release, David Mc Vean, director of curriculum at QCDA, said that the new curriculum would give teachers greater freedom and flexibility, and "help ensure that learning is relevant coherent and engaging for children".


It will be important for ITE tutors and student teachers to be aware of the content of this website, in order to familiarise themselves with the ways in which the new primary curriculum may be developing in schools over the next 18 months.