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Newly qualified teacher induction

The induction period is designed to ensure all newly qualified teachers (NQTs) are supported in their first year of teaching after gaining qualified teacher status (QTS). It combines a personalised programme of development, support and professional dialogue, with monitoring and an assessment of performance against the core standards.

Statutory induction is the bridge between initial teacher training (ITT) and a career in teaching. Indeed, a qualified teacher cannot be employed as a teacher in a relevant school in England unless he or she has satisfactorily completed an induction period.

The ITT tutor should familiarise trainees with the induction arrangements and work with them at transition point one of the career entry and development profile (CEDP).

The ITT tutor should also sign to confirm that individual discussions have occurred at transition point one of the CEDP. A sample form for transition point one can be downloaded.

Support and assessment for NQTs

All NQTs should receive structured support and guidance. Induction will build on what new teachers have learned in meeting qualified teacher status (QTS) standards. It will take account of the strengths and development needs identified using the CEDP towards the end of the ITT programme.

NQTs will be assessed at the end of induction against a set of core standards. They must continue to meet the QTS standards consistently and with increasing competence, and to progress further in specific areas. NQTs must demonstrate that they have met the core standards to remain registered with the General Teaching Council for England (GTCE), and to continue teaching in a maintained school or non-maintained special school.

For more on professional development visit the career entry and development profile CEDP pages

The CEDP is designed to help trainee and NQTs think about development at three transition points:

  • transition point one – towards the end of ITT
  • transition point two – at the start of induction
  • transition point three – at the end of induction

The ITT tutor will introduce the profile process, and help trainees record their responses at transition point one.

For further information concerning the induction process, please visit our induction pages within the Teacher section of our website.



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