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All statutory guidance and legislation published on this site continues to reflect the current legal position unless indicated otherwise.

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Policies and procedures

This section of the publication scheme covers current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering services and responsibilities.

Policies and procedures for the conduct of departmental business

Code of conduct
The TDA’s code of conduct offers guidance and advice to all those affiliated with the TDA, as well as explaining to the public how we aim to conduct our business.

Policies and procedures for the provision of service

Sustainable procurement policy
The TDA has a statutory obligation to produce strategies to secure an effective school workforce, and in so doing, support the five environmental strategies covering air quality, biodiversity, waste, energy and ambient noise.

Policies and procedures for the recruitment and employment of staff

Overtime policy (PDF, 24KB)
This policy aims to provide guidance to managers and staff on the operation of overtime, to ensure that it does not impact negatively on either the individual or the organisation.

Parental leave policy (PDF, 63KB)
This document outlines the new statutory entitlement, in addition to existing TDA provisions such as paid/unpaid maternity, adoption and paternity leave.

Provider payments and supply cover policy (PDF, 45KB)
This policy covers payments to providers for engaging in TDA work.

Recruitment policy (PDF, 66KB)
This recruitment and selection policy and the procedures that support it have been designed to promote high standards of recruitment practice and advanced equality of opportunity.

Sickness absence policy (PDF, 110KB)
As part of its duty of care to staff, the TDA has put in place procedures to manage sickness absence.

Travel and subsistence policy (PDF, 552KB)
This policy sets out the rules and regulations for reclaiming expenditure for travel, subsistence and other expenses.

TDA Equal Access to Employment Opportunities Policy (PDF, 90KB)
This document describes the TDA’s equal access to employment policy, which applies to all job applicants and staff.

Work/life balance policy (PDF, 919KB)
This policy sets out the TDA’s recognition of the business benefits of staff balancing their work and other aspects of their lives; and its commitment to help them achieve this.

Learning and development plan
The TDA is committed to encouraging learning and development by its own staff as well as by the teaching profession.

Learning and development plan (PDF, 40KB)

TDA equality schemes
Our equality schemes set out our vision and priorities in promoting race, disability and gender equality.

Competency framework and pay

The Civil Service Pensions website gives general information about PCSPS. 

Customer service

How to contact the TDA
If you have any questions, feedback or want to make a complaint, you'll find details of how to get in touch with us in a number of ways.

Complaints procedure
Information on the complaints procedure for the TDA.

Freedom of information
The TDA is a public body and must respond to any person who makes a request for information, making it available, subject to exemptions and sometimes at a cost, if that information is held.

Records management and personal data policies

TDA privacy statement
Our policy explains how we may collect and use your information. It also outlines some of the security measures that we take in order to protect your privacy

Charging regimes and policies

Ordering our publications



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