DCSF Single Equality Scheme (SES) December 2009


The SES Update looks forward to the Equalities Act in 2010 and will be of interest to ITE Tutors and teacher trainees interested in equality issues. QTS Standard 19 requires that teacher trainees "take practical account of diversity and promote equality and inclusion in their teaching." Chapter 9 (p.165) provides a brief outline of key acts and is likely to be useful to teacher trainees new to this particular aspect of practice in schools. Although the SES Update is 176 pages long, sections are generally short with clear subheadings.


The SES Update covers a very wide range of issues such as bullying, tackling obesity, teenage parents, the DCSF as an employer and improving access to play. The three areas that are addressed in most detail are disability, ethnicity and gender equality. Chapter 7 (p.134) covers ethnicity equality and includes a number of short case studies. The disproportionate exclusion of Black pupils is one of the issues discussed. Other sections cover:


  • The DCSF Gender Agenda and links to three recent publications on gender (page 17 and page 153)
  • The attainment and exclusion of pupils with Special Educational Needs (page 19 and page 90)
  • The characteristics of NEETS - those not in employment, education or training (page 21 and page 105)



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