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Becta's role

We provide leadership:

  • to embed the effective use of technology across the system in the most coherent, cost-effective way now and for the future
  • to ensure the market develops products and services that meet the needs of the education and skills sector and provide value for money
  • to help plan for tomorrow's world.

We provide rigorous research and evaluation:

  • to evaluate the impact of technology on the education and skills system.

We provide expert, independent advice:

  • to help the front line make informed choices about technology and plan, buy and use it effectively
  • to help learners and their families access technology, get involved in learning and stay safe online
  • to ensure government policy takes full account of the opportunities and challenges technology brings.

We provide practical tools for the front line:

  • to save time and money
  • to improve teaching and learning
  • to share best practice.

Becta receives an annual remit from the Secretary of State which sets out the priorities and outcomes which Becta works towards during the year ahead.

At the beginning of each financial year Becta submits a Business plan, which explains how we will meet the remit given to us by the Secretary of State.

Becta publishes an annual report at the end of each year which details what we have achieved through our work.

Becta's leadership ensures that this process stays on track. 

We are regularly audited, and you can read about the audit process.

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