Seeking Asylum Alone - Unaccompanied and Separated Children and Refugee Protection in the UK - J. Bhabha & N. Finch (2006)

This report explores the world of children seeking asylum in the UK and the legislation, practices, misconceptions and injustices surrounding the application of the law towards this vulnerable group.

'Overall our research has revealed a very complex situation in the U.K. for unaccompanied or separated children seeking asylum. On paper we have found procedures designed to assist children to articulate their claims for asylum and to provide them with support whilst they do so, but we have found no appropriate legal framework for considering children's asylum applications. Regrettably, despite its rhetoric and expert input, the Government has been unprepared to treat this vulnerable population as children first and asylum seekers second.' (Page 13)

Authors :

Jacqueline Bhabha and Nadine Finch

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