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Top Ten Questions for Teachers and all main categories

Listed below are the top ten questions for Teachers and all main categories.
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Expand Question What should I do if my child is being bullied? (Topical Question)

Expand Question Who is responsible for regulating GCSE and A Level examinations? (Topical Question)

Expand Question What should head teachers do about the most serious and persistent cases of bullying? (Topical Question)

Collapse Question I am thinking of becoming a teacher/I plan on returning to teaching...what will I be paid?

The latest teacher pay scales are available from the link below. There is a discretionary element in the pay system and your school will need to confirm the exact rate of pay. If you are returning to teaching after a break, you should return to the same point on the teacher pay scale that you had for the qualifications and experience when you left teaching. Schools have the discretion to award extra points on the scale to recognise your extra years of experience. If you do not know which point you were on when you last taught, you should contact your previous employer. If you last taught before 1993, it is for the school or local authority (LA) to determine the point on which you are paid. 

If this is not what you are looking for or if you want more information you can contact the Department by clicking here or by telephone on 0870 000 2288.

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Correct as at 28 June 2010.

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