The Development Education Digest


This is the first edition of the Development Education Digest. It has been produced by the Development Education Research Centre (DERC) at the Institute of Education, London, to provide a focal point for researchers, policy makers and practitioners. It includes research and policy summaries alongside details of recent publications.

This first edition of the Digest starts off with a summary of current and / or recent research into global dimensions in formal education. Specifically research in this section relates to schools and how schools are engaging with the global dimension in teaching and learning. The scope is broad and includes research on how policy is translated into practice, north-south school partnerships, education for sustainable development, post-compulsory education and the global dimension in initial teacher education. The next section introduces research on young people's engagement with international development, looking at how young people engage and the types of spaces for engagement. The third section highlights internationalisation and global perspectives in higher education, which is followed by research on development education and NGOs.


To provide feedback and for information about content for future issues please contact: Dr Fran Hunt at The next edition of the Development Education Digest will be published in December 2010.





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