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Trace your family history

With six months until the census, find out how to use it to trace your family tree

Using the census to trace your familySix months to go to the 2011 CensusResearching family history

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Universal credit

Universal credit"Universal credit"

Universal Credit is set to replace the present benefit system

Find out about Universal Credit

Jobseekers online

Jobseeker's Allowance onlineJobseeker's Allowance online

If you need to claim for Jobseeker's Allowance, it's easy to do it online

Jobseeker's Allowance online video

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Minimum wage rates have changed

Minimum wage ratesMinimum wage rates

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) is a minimum amount per hour that most workers in the UK are entitled to be paid. The rates increase from today

Paper tax return: file by 31 October

Paper tax return: file by 31 OctoberPaper tax return: file by 31 October

If you are filing a paper tax return for 2009-10, the deadline to return it to HM Customs and Revenue is Sunday 31 October. If you file online, you have until 31 January 2010.

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