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Access keys

Access keys have been included to assist users with disabilities when navigating their way through the web site. Essentially keyboard shortcuts, access keys provide quick and easy access to common pages without the need for a mouse. At present, the following browsers support the use of access keys:

  • Internet Explorer 4+ (Windows) 5+ (Mac)
  • Mozilla - including Firefox (Windows and Linux)
  • Opera 7+
  • Netscape 6+ (Windows)

Windows based computers
Pressing "ALT" and the access key will give focus to that specific link on the page. If you press Return ("ENTER"), you will then be taken to that page.

Macintosh based computers
Pressing "CMD" and the access key will automatically send you to that specific page.

The access keys used on this site are:

1    Home Page
3    Site map
4    Search
6    Help
7    Complaints procedure
8    Terms and conditions
9    Feedback
0    Access Keys Information

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