This section contains details on working with the Department. Here you will find information on the Department's procurement policies and the Private Public Partnership scheme.

Contracts awarded by the Department

Contracts awarded by the department.

Innovation in the Department for Transport

This document is the DfT response to the White Paper 'Innovation Nation'. It outlines the existing and potential future approaches to innovation by the DfT. The document is also designed to raise awareness of DfT activity in this arena and how those action align with departmental ogjectives.

02 November 2009

Sustainable Procurement Strategy

The purpose of this strategy is to document the Department's approach to addressing the sustainable procurement agenda and meeting Government targets. It identifies the areas of direct spend which represent the greatest sustainable development impact and/or risk to the Department and shows how we are mitigating these by allocating owners and developing action plans.

The Department for Transport (DfT) – Procurement strategy

Information on the Department's commercial and procurement strategy and how it will be implemented across the Department and its Agencies.

07 April 2008
Last update:
18 May 2010

Procurement policies

Details about the Department's procurement policies.

Tenders Issued

Details of (non rail) invitaions to negotiate/tender.

Public Private Partnerships

Information about the Public Private Partnerships scheme.