A systematic review of how theories explain learning behaviour in school contexts

EPPI Review

EPPI Review

A review undertaken within the EPPI framework funded by the TDA (formerly TTA), by a team led by Dr Sacha Powell and Professor Janet Tod (Canterbury Christ Church University College) Review Group).

Aims of the review
The overall aim of the review was to inform ITE tutors about the theoretical underpinnings of learning behaviours in school contexts in order to enhance ITE in behaviour management for trainees. In essence, we were concerned that this review should contribute to training that allows trainees to reflect upon the purpose of behaviour management. All too often teachers and the media perceive behaviour management to be solely concerned with establishing control over disruptive pupils. With this perception, it is not surprising that trainees continue to report that they feel inadequately prepared, given that they cannot realistically anticipate and prepare for the entire range of pupil responses they will experience in the classroom. As a consequence, trainees and teachers continue to seek more and more strategies in the hope that they will be better able to cope with anticipated classroom disruption. While skills in delivering a range of strategies are clearly a necessary part of an NQT's survival toolkit, they are not in themselves sufficient to secure the confidence and competence sought by the trainee.

We were concerned that trainees should have access to research about theoretical explanations for learning behaviours as a way of securing increased understanding of the behaviour of their pupils. Additionally, we wanted to address teacher perceptions that they were not 'behaviour specialists' by concentrating on the end purpose of behaviour management, that is: securing effective learning behaviour. It is in this area – promoting learning behaviour through subject teaching – that trainees could focus on the interdependent relationship between learning and behaviour, and so foster the foundations for effective behaviour management in schools.

Powell, S., Tod, J. (2004) A systematic review of how theories explain learning behaviour in school contexts. In: Research Evidence in Education Library. London: EPPI-Centre, Social Science Research Unit, Institute of Education.

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