International Dimensions

The materials located within these pages are intended to highlight the research and current issues on behaviour outside the UK. Number of resources (12)

guardian logo What claims to be the first international survey to focus on the working conditions of teachers in schools has found that students 'disrupt lessons' all over the world. This study highlights the fact that pupil behaviour is a concern on an international dimension. The article is a potentially useful resource in discussing issues relating to the lonks between 'society', schooling and behaviour. It...
Anti Bulying Centre logo An educational resource on bullying developed by the TCD Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre (ABC).
Council of Europe logo A set of PowerPoints for the Violence reduction in schools training pack
Council of europe logo From the Council of Europe programme "Building a Europe for and with children"
Teachers TV logo Teachers TV resource: Find out how deputy head John Wootton is using ICT to dramatically impact the professional development of his teachers at Holyhead Secondary School in Birmingham.
# In this film extract, an experienced teacher in a Hong Kong special school (the Tung Wan Mok Law Shui Wah School, designated to support the social development of children whose behaviour presents challenges) talks about aspects of her role and the beliefs that underpin the work she does.
# Why are children highly motivated and engaged in some classes, but not others? What causes pupils to go off-task? To find out, the researchers of this US study analysed literacy lessons in classes of children aged 5-8 years from 13 primary schools in which there was considerable off-task behaviour.
NAPCAN logo TV Advert by"Children see, children do", encouraging parents to be positive role models for kids by showing how ugly it would be if kids adopted some of our worst behaviours.
# This report from Southern Australia deals with the relationship between gender and disruptive and violent behaviour with a more specific focus on: gender and violence, social development of boys and girls and homophobia. paper uses examples of work undertaken in the Curriculum, Behaviour Management and Gender Project based on the experiences of learners and educators, Reception to Year 12.
# Key factors that impact upon children's educational motivation and engagement are here considered from an international and comparative perspective.
# The behavioural approach to classroom management is largely a product of Western psychology. Most research in the field has been carried out in the developed countries of the West. Is the approach appropriate to the needs of teachers and pupils in schools elsewhere?
# Government of Western Australia- Department of Education and Training