HM Revenue & Customs Change Programme

Between 2006 and 2008 HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) carried out a series of reviews designed to take forward the consolidation of its estate and the re-location of its staff nationwide in line with current business plans. The overall aim is to deliver a more efficient and effective service to customers - businesses and individuals.

At the outset HMRC had in the region of 600 staffed offices. Around 100 were classed as specialist sites such as ports or docks which had to be retained and were outside the review process. By December 2008 HMRC had reviewed, with Ministerial agreement, published decisions on the future of the remaining 500 or so office buildings. About half of these have already been, or will be, vacated and the other half retained. Enquiry Centre services will continue to be provided in all their current localities even where other HMRC activities are withdrawn. These may be in the existing office or alternative accommodation nearby, including shared accommodation with public and private sector partners.

Formal Impact Assessments are published on every building proposed for vacation and can be found at Better Regulation: Impact Assessments for Regional Reviews.

HMRC is now taking forward the implementation of the review decisions. Implementation Teams across the UK are working to vacate buildings and to relocate or redeploy staff. This activity is being overseen by the Business Workforce Change Team working with HMRC's People Function Redeployment Team.

A-Z list of towns

You can view the A-Z of Locations showing how each town in which HMRC currently has an office has been classified for the review process. This table will be updated from time to time as business plans change.

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